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  1. Prepare your nails: Before starting any manicure, you must make sure the nails are prepped by cleaning and freeing the nail plate of any dirt and oils. This is also where you should push your cuticles back and clip any hangnails and buff the surface of the nail plate.
  1. Apply Step 1 (Prep/Bond) to the entire nail (do all nails)
  2. Working one hand at a time, one nail at the time, apply a thin layer of your Dip Base and dip your nail into the powder or pour the powder onto the nail.  Tap off excess powder, press down the dip or glitter if needed, clean the excess powder around your cuticle with a toothpick or your favorite cuticle tool and continue to the next finger. Dust off excess from all the nails and repeat for 2-3 coats. To avoid contaminating your brushes, gently clean them over a paper towel, every time you use it.
  3. Apply Activator after you are done dipping into your favorite color, wait 2 minutes, then shape and buff nails.
  1. Apply a second coat of Activator, wait 2 minutes and wipe well with a lint free wipe. This step is super important because the activator is required to dry the Base Coat and Dip Powder. Without it, the Top Coat will not dry. 
  1. Apply your first layer of Dip Top, make sure the first layer is thin. Let it dry for 60 seconds and repeat for a 2nd layer, this time go for a thick layer of dip top. Let dry fully for 3 minutes and moisturize your cuticles with cuticle oil.



Liquid Care: Store liquids upright and away from light. Do not open them at cold temperatures.

Brush Care: Use Nails Brush Saver to clean brushes, remove hardened bits and soften bristles. Simply wipe off and place the used brush in Brush Saver and let it soak until it softens. Do not pull at the bristles. 

Bottle Care: After each use, wipe the bottle neck with 100% acetone and cuticle oil to prevent buildup and to keep the lid from sealing shut.  


  1. File off the top layer of the nail enhancement.
  2. Soak Off your nails in 100% acetone. If 10 to 15 minutes of soaking isn’t enough, additional filing will be necessary. 

To avoid damage to your nails check when your dip powders are peeling off your nail and remove them. Damage can occur when you expose your nails to acetone for too long.

Do not pull or peel off your dip. It will cause damage to the natural nail.

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